How to host Boxing Day Buffet 2018?

2019-03-15 01:00:04
How to host Boxing Day Buffet 2018? Blog / Seasonal

Boxing Day is the best time spent in your PJs and watching out the amazing Boxing Day sale offers on the internet. We know the fridge is overflowing with the chicken, turkey and ham leftovers, so the best time to planned Boxing Day buffet for the family and friends to cook some special dishes with these leftovers. If anything is not available in your cooking material, the best time to use the Boxing Day coupons because the prices were slashed on the wide items. Ritecoupons makes your shopping spree very comfortable and easy means you can browse many brands and store purchase for reasonable purchase at one platform.

Take a look at our special Boxing Day Buffet recipes to make delicious dishes in an easy way for friends and family.

Boxing Day Frittata


Ingredients:  Cooked turkey, roasted potatoes, cheese, eggs, rosemary, cooked vegetables

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How to make? Preheat the oven to 200C. Line a dish with greaseproof paper and arranged the cooked vegetables and roasted potatoes with cheese evenly in the dish. Beat the eggs and add the rosemary then pour over the vegetables. Add the season salt and pepper to taste and baked on the oven for 30 mins. Served with the healthy salad on the side!

Posh  Sausage Rolls


Ingredients:   Chicken sausage, coriander, puff pastry, chili jam, eggs, sesame seeds, ginger

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How to make?  If you are planning a fancier Boxing Day buffet, and the friends and family coming over these Posh Sausage rolls are right to make yet impressive to look at. Heat the oven to 200C. Mix the chicken sausage, ginger, coriander, and sesame seeds together. Roll the pastry in a thin and trim rectangle shape. Glaze the baking paper and spread a thin layer of chili jam down the middle center of pastry. Arrange the sausage mixture in the middle of the rectangle in the middle at the end. Cut strips and fold up the bottom and top ends so they cross over neatly. Brush the beaten eggs and baked for 30 minutes until golden. 

Ham & Turkey Pie


Ingredients:  Chicken Stock, roasted turkey, shredded ham, onion, butter, parsley, lemon, mustard, flour, egg, pastry, cream

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How to make?  Heat the oil and fry the onion until soft. Add the turkey and ham and fry for more minutes. Add the double cream stock and mustard and stir in the sage and then add the lemon juice with slight salt to add taste. Stir in parsley and tip into the ovenproof dish. Preheat the oven to 200C. On the lightly floured surface, roll out the tick pastry and use to top the pie. Use the trimming to decorate the top of the pie and brush with beaten egg to glaze. Bake until golden brown to top and bubbling hot inside. Serve with a cold of mash over the Boxing Day dining table.

Baked Potato With Cheddar


Ingredients:  Baked Potatoes, eggs, cheddar, chopped fresh chives, watercress, and mustard

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How to make?  Cut the baked potatoes into the half and scoop the inside material in the bowl and reserve the skin. Mix the potatoes flesh with egg yolk, cheese, chives, watercress, and mustard. Add the salt and pepper to taste.  Now whisk the egg white until stiff and add them into potatoes mixture to lighten it a little. Spoon the mixture back into potatoes skin and return to hot oven for max 20 mint and serve immediately.  

Bubble & Squeak


Ingredients:  Roasted Potatoes, Brussels sprouts chopped, roast veg, butter, cranberry sauce, flour, eggs & oil

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How to make?  Mix Roasted Potatoes, sprouts, roasted veg, and butter together. Stir in the cranberry sauce and shape the mixture in the equal size patties. Now dust the patties in flour and fry in the oil until golden. Boil water in a pan and then simmer it. Now crack the eggs into boil without breaking the yolk and then slide into the water. Poach for 4 mints and removed with the slotted spoon and drain to serve on each patty.

Christmas Pud Ice Cream


Ingredients: Chocolates, cranberry sauce, brownies, pudding, ice cream

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How to make?  Do you make Christmas pudding that leftover in the fridge? Turn now into fresh and delicious Christmas pud ice-cream. Start with the setting of the brownies into the bowel. Set the leftover Christmas pudding trifle and vanilla flavor ice-cream over it.  Make the minty syllabub by using the chocolates. Use the cranberry sauce to whip the deliciously rich chocolates, cranberry, and brownies on it. The simple and easy dessert is ready to serve on Boxing Day buffet table to impress the guest this year. 

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